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@mention a community in order to notify all members

Allow users to (at)mention communities in order to notify a big group of people/teams. Currenlty only mentioning of people is allowed.

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  • Jul 25 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Guest commented
    02 Aug 08:24

    I think you need to be careful here. If that @Mentioning of a community would result in the same behavior as  @mentioning an individual person (e.g. send a mail and list in the @mentioning tab) I would not be for it. The problem is that with that you would undermine the power of the individual @mention as someone could quite easily and unnecessarily @mention hundreds if not thousands of people by simply using one of the large communities in a org (I know of a public community with 15.000 users for instance that I would not like people to do that with). If you want to address those users you can always post a community status update.

    However... I would like the idea of being able to @mention a community that will not so much create an individual @mention to each community member but trigger a status update in the community being @mentioned, referring back to the item where that @mention to a community was made from. That way you still address a group of users through it's community but aren't spamming everyone or undermining the power of the individual @mention

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    Guest commented
    12 Aug 20:22

    I think that such feature would be very useful and often much better than “email this community” which produces messages which are not findable in Connections (as they obviously live only in e-mails)

    I suggest to create new wildcards such as @owners @everybody and @network (for community members who are also in my professional network). Such granularity should hopefully prevent unnecessary mentions. Perhaps only community owners should be able to mention everybody. Or there might be a configurable option per community as we have got already for mail this community. 

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    Guest commented
    26 Oct 07:35

    When using a group @mention, maybe there could be a confirmation window to avoid accidental spamming.

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    Guest commented
    16 Nov 15:44

    Although I see the benefit of this as a simple and quick way to communicate, in our environment, where a community can have 25K members it would be necessary to give owners the option of allowing members to @Mention or to allow only owners to @Mention similar to how connections handles community email rights today... In fact you could leverage the existing selection for email rights and expand it to include @Mention.